TCL Movetracker: Always keep an eye on pets

With TCL Movetracker, you can always show your pet.

HAnimals are usually more than just entertainment for their owners – they are a family member. Accordingly, one is concerned if the little furry nose does not return from flight or disappears. It is often difficult to find the animal again. With Movetracker, TCL wants to enable owners to quickly embrace their four-legged friends again. The wearable device was presented at a technology fair CES (11-14 January 2021), which will take place around this year.

The best fitness trackers

Virtual steering wheel thanks to Movetracker

The Movetracker attaches to a four-legged friend’s collar and enables real-time positioning via GPS and WiFi, among other things. Additionally, TCL offers users three different location modes designed to help find a runaway animal. With a Bluetooth set range of up to 10 meters, a virtual string can be placed – because notifications tell you when the radius is left. It is also possible to create safety zones – notifications also provide information here when limits are crossed. If you want to monitor your pet for its physical fitness, you can rate the activity level.

Easy to find thanks to the light and QR code

If the animal still cannot be found, the flashlight can be activated on the Movetracker in order to find the four-legged friend more easily, for example in the dark. There is also a QR code attached to the device that researchers can use to contact the owner. The Movetracker is protected against water and dust and should last up to 14 days in standby. It will be available in three colors in 2021 and will start at € 99.99.

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