Laptop, Intel is preparing ultra-powerful gaming processors? 24 hearts are revealed

As Intel prepares to launch Lunar Lake and Arrow Lake, recent developments indicate that the company is working on a new line of high-performance processors for gaming laptops, and these processors are adapted from the Arrow Lake-S chips aimed at desktop computers. It should offer similar services but in a portable format.


user @InstLatX64 Intel test found out about the mysterious motherboard called ” Arrow Lake/ARL-S BGA SODIMM 2DPC Client Platform », indicating the possibility that the giant will integrate up to 24 cores into these new processors for laptops. This would represent a significant increase from the 16 cores expected in the Arrow Lake-H mobile chipset. This new display chip will likely contain eight high-performance “Lion Cove” P-Cores and 16 energy-efficient “Skymont” E-Cores, in addition to a Xe2 iGPU graphics processing unit.

the goal

If all of this is true, Intel aims to provide desktop-equivalent computing power in high-end laptops using specific BGA processors for these devices. This setup can provide the raw power needed for demanding professional games and applications in a portable package. However, ensuring this power presents significant challenges, especially with regard to cooling and power consumption.

These processors should have a thermal envelope of 45W or 55W, but their actual consumption may be higher to maintain high frequencies. Their success will depend on the design and cooling solutions deployed by laptop manufacturers.

Specific details regarding frequencies and performance remain 'secret', although the unearthed test chip shows a base frequency of 3.0GHz, with no AVX-512 support. Will Intel push the boundaries of gaming laptop performance? By adapting its desktop chips for mobile use, the giant could create a new family of high-end laptops, offering capabilities previously reserved for desktop computers.

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