LeBron James knows where his NBA career wants to end

LeBron James seems to have a clear idea of ​​where he wants to end his NBA career, which will reach its 19th season in the American League. When All-Star, in fact, appeared on the podcast “Smartless” To promote space jam, he talked about his future.

The future that promises to be even longer in the NBA is, at least in his words, but above all only linked to two colors, yellow and purple. LeBron James Mentioned his love for the Los Angeles Lakers And he won the last title with the desire to end his professional career.

“I hope I can end my life with the Lockers. It doesn’t matter how old they are, if they are four, five, six, seven. I hope I can continue to play. I want to live in Los Angeles. My family wants to live in Los Angeles. Being entitled is one thing It’s like being in a “space jam” to me. I never thought it’s possible. Think of Kareem, Magic, Wild, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Kobe, Shock and all of them. The whole list goes on. “

A city, Los Angeles, LeBron is not just about a sports perspective. But also for family matters. The son, in fact, attended Sierra Canyon High School.

James, however, is not new to declarations of love for the teams he plays for. They knew something in Florida and Cleveland, and said goodbye to the two that fans experienced as real betrayals.

This time the words seem to have a different taste. Also, it appears that the owner can give a list of heights to cover his life above. Perhaps the king had found his kingdom.

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