Leon: Relive the Age of Dinosaurs in Virtual Reality

The new virtual reality experience “Disappearing Worlds” arrives on Saturday, April 6th at the Confluence shopping center in Lyon. We were able to test it in a preview.

Encouraged by the success of L'Horizon de Khéops which introduced many Lyons to the world of the Pharaohs, the Eclipso teams chose A new adventure in virtual reality.

This time, visitors will embark on a journey through time:Disappeared worlds“Explores Earth even before the first forms of life appeared…

We wanted content that would be in the same vein as Kheobus, accessible to all generations.Confirms Vincent Da CostaOperations Manager at Eclipso Lyon. Here we are dealing with a topic that goes back to our origins… and therefore will address everyone.

A team of associated scientists

To tell the story as closely as possible to reality, the production worked with a team of scientists from the Natural History Museum in Paris.

We've summed up 4.5 billion years in 45 minutes, so we had to choose.explains Sylvain CharbonnierPaleontologist and team coordinator. Then we chose key periods in Earth's history, with all the species that appeared over time… such as these large marine reptiles that have no parallel in nature today.

Obviously, dinosaurs are there too, just like these giant insects or funny little mammals… There's no risk of getting lost: just follow Charlie and Darwin, two virtual guides who tell us about the species we see.

We bring natural history to as many people as possible, and we will look for new audiences.“, Add Stephanie Targieresponsible for innovation at the Parisian museum.

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“Physical sensations, but also knowledge”

Technology developed by Excursion Allows you to move freely in the space. The walls are marked with a red grid and other visitors are represented by white symbolic figures. Simply wear the special headset to enjoy the experience.

In these experiences, the audience is an actor. It travels to worlds that do not exist or no longer exist in reality. These are physical sensations, but they are also knowledge.“, male Fabian Barattico-founder of Excurio.

Experience must be discovered From Saturday 6 April. After that, Eclipso welcomes the public on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2pm to 8pm, Fridays from 2pm to 9pm, Saturdays from 9am to 10pm, and finally Sundays from 9am to 9pm.

an average : Between 24.50 and 29.50 euros per person. From 8 years and 1.30 m. More info here!

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