Touhou Spell Carnival: Strategy RPG to be released in the West on Nintendo Switch and in French

International Idea Factory Announced during this event,IFI Summer Festival 2024that RPG / Bullet hell strategy game, Toho Spelling Carnivalwill be available in physical and digital release on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, and Nintendo Switch™ in 2024The game will be dubbed into Japanese (voice) with English, French and Spanish subtitles. In the trailer revealed duringIFI Summer Festival 2024Players can experience Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame fighting amidst a chaos of bullets and exploring the Hakurei Shrine.

Set in Gensokyo, a world isolated from the outside world where humans and youkai coexist, Reimu Hakurei discovers mysterious pillars announcing the beginning of the “Spell Carnival,” a festival organized by Yukari Yakumo. To investigate Yukari Yakumo's true intentions, Reimu joins the battle for spell cards. Players will need to hone their strategic skills by moving characters across the grid and dodging enemy bullets while using special skills. It will be necessary to properly set up team positions and choose skills and spell cards according to the enemies' weaknesses.

The game will also feature Hakurei Shrine exploration, where players can continue quests, revisit side events, and interact with characters from Toho Project !

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Toho Spelling Carnival Story

Gensokyo – A remote land isolated from the outside world, where humans and youkai live side by side.

One day, the priestess of Hakurei Shrine, Reimu Hakurei, spots mysterious pillars standing in various locations across Gensokyo.

These pillars mark the beginning of the Spell Carnival, a festival organized by Yukari Yakumo where you have to use your Spell Cards in battles.

In order to investigate the true intentions of Yukari Yakumo, who suddenly started the Spell Carnival, Reimu Hakurei joins the battle for the Spell Cards.

Main Features

RPG strategy meets Bullet Hell madness. – Grid-based combat with a unique blend of real-time strategy elements and Bullet Hell madness! Hone your strategic skills by moving characters to specific areas of the grid, dodging enemy bullets, and unleashing special skills in an action-packed simultaneous battle!

Be well prepared – Don't enter battle unprepared! Organize your team's position on the grid, assign skills based on your enemies' weaknesses, and choose wisely which Ace Spell card to use.

Need a helping hand? – Players will occasionally see items and attributes during battles. Items can block incoming bullets and provide additional effects when destroyed. Attributes can provide buffs and status effects. Use these buffs to your advantage, and you might even collect some extra loot from your victories!

Find Peace at Hakurei Shrine – Discover Hakurei Shrine through the eyes of Reimu Hakurei! Follow ongoing quests, revisit side events, pose for a photo, and even talk to some of your favorite Touhou Project characters at Hakurei Shrine as you progress through the story!

International Idea Factory

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