Use Google Maps to make your vacation easier with this new option

Today, Google Maps is one of the most widely used GPS systems, and at a time when many users are heading out on a quick vacation, the app is working on a new function that is ideal for long trips.

Since its merger with Waze, Google Maps has continued to add new features ranging from minor bug fixes to sharing Waze Beacons To avoid losing connection in tunnels: The two applications seem very intertwined today.

However, Google's flagship app is still capable of innovating on its own, and that's exactly the case with this new feature. Which should please all vacationers who are used to leaving with a small caravan.

I simply organized a convoy on Google Maps.

The information should be taken with a grain of salt, because according to eyelid And leaker @xleaks7 (David Kowalski), this won't be released anytime soon and will remain under construction for now.

The concept is simple, thanks to the notification, You will be able to share your journey and benefit from the same information available in ” leader »The application will also calculate the optimal routes for crossing the path of people who are part of the convoy.

Screenshot of caravans on Google Maps

In short, this will be an ideal feature for vacations, as it will allow you not to lose sight of your loved ones during long trips and He no longer arrives separately to meeting places.

Screenshot of Google Maps intersectionsScreenshot of Google Maps intersections

Specialized feature on Google Maps

Of course, this feature is very situational. Therefore, there is a good chance that it will be seen and used by only a few people.

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Ultimately, it is also possible that this option will one day disappear due to not being used like the messaging that was previously part of the GPS app.

Anyway, if this feature is released: it could help many vacationers on the way to the sun.

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