[L’instant tech] Who is Qilimanjaro, the Spanish startup supplying the UAE with the first quantum computer?

Preparations are underway to deploy the first quantum computer in the UAE. On August 15, the Abu Dhabi Institute for Technology Innovation (TII) installed two Finnish brand Blue Fors refrigerants at the Quantum Research Center, which was set up in early 2021 to house the country’s first quantum processor. A symbolic moment that marks the end of laboratory preparation and the start of computer installation.

Here, the teams don’t work alone. The Emirates Research Institute is supported in its work by the Spanish startup Qilimanjaro … one of the founders, Jose Ignacio Latorre, director of research at the Quantum Research Center in Abu Dhabi. He oversees the development of the processor, which will be kept at a temperature close to absolute zero, thanks to these cooling devices to work.

Quantum Annealing Approach


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