Should you paint the house? How to choose the right color using an app

it’s time drawing house I still haven’t decided yet the color? paraphrasing the old saying, Give up the old color for the new color It’s never an easy road, but now, there is technology that helps us.

Thanks to the applications, it is possible to choose the most suitable shade to turn the walls into a lively explosion

There are two broad categories of applications of this type: those developed by paint and colorant manufacturers, which allow us to choose only from that company’s pigments, and “global” third-party applications, which provide us with the color code for the paint we will have to use.

Before downloading one of these apps, we need to know some basic concepts. Here any of them.

Choice of color and influencer

If chosen correctly, one Tinge It can completely change the appearance of the room and the furniture placed in it. However, looking at the many options, perhaps in the store, can be misleading because you are not in the place where the color will prevail.

We must then consider finish Of the paint that must be adapted to the environment in which it is applied. If the brighter the light reflects more, the less Bright Risk making rooms look darker than they are. So it is better to think carefully to avoid repentance later.

Let’s not talk about the possibility of having to coexist well Old and new colors, a challenge even for the most experienced observer. There are many factors that take the field: Who a light, natural or artificial, for eye strain; So it is better to rely on it Precision Tools who support us without fault.

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Panel color, encodings

rgb cmyk

Before moving on to the actual applications, it is right to stress the importance of the element coding. in a Graphics and on the computerColors are marked with a number or alphanumeric string. Regardless of the support, the code reproduces the same nuances in all possible forms of support.

The most commonly used encodings are RGB (short for red, green, and blue), CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), to which is added hexadecimal number (which usually begins with the letter #). Then there are others, the important thing is to always use the same thing to get the same results.

The official apps for choosing the color of the walls

Wall color selection app

Many paint manufacturers have developed Applications that simplify the lives of those who have to draw, take advantage of cell phone. These are useful tools, especially at the decision-making stage.

The methodology used expectsdownload from U.S Photography from the wall or all Live space captured by camera. From here, the Algorithms (and clicking a user’s finger) will isolate areas of interest Add paint practically.

This gives you an idea of ​​the effect once the renovations are complete. Unfortunately, it’s not one Error Free Technology: to influence the outcome there Settings screen in use; In any case, it must be said, it allows skimming that immediately excludes shades that are undesirable or that marry poorly with context.

for every Android NS iOSAnd go color The di San Marco collection allows you to upload a photo or take a new one to select a color through a file specific who analyzes me pixels picture. In addition, it uses a “coloring system”Repaint“practically.

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Focusing on the products presented to the public, it can be useful for those who want to take a look at the end result.

Similmente a Go. Scenery Novacolor lets you display selected nuances by adding it to an image to preview the trend. Added to this is the ability to watch the effect in environments preloaded with augmented reality. Free, it’s available for iPhone and Android devices.

Sikkens, another company in the sector, proposes a similar solution. In real time, using the mobile device lens, Sikens expert Progress House overview after drawing.

Universal applications for choosing the color of walls

app color

In addition to lighting and display settings, applications are forced to surrender to another factor. and the main board: What you get from one outdated board And faded over the years or by a white wall Without flaws, it’s completely different.

This is the place Third Party Applications which captures information and processes it to get a highly accurate result; When you have the code (RGB or hex), you can proceed with choosing the color, which reduces the risk of error. How do the applications work? There are complex but very important procedures: here are some of them.

Color name It is an app for iOS that, with its augmented reality and camera shots, allows you to do just that Accurately select individual shade.

Of each of these, it displays the hexadecimal, RGB, HSB, and CMYK value, which are necessary to select them on other devices. The procedure can be applied by Color name for images taken from the device on which it is installed.

colorimeter It helps to get acquainted with the nuances by providing, moreover, the relevant basic symbols to reproduce it in practice. Intended for Android devices, it takes a few seconds to show the result expressed in both basic RGB and hexadecimal, which respects other standards such as CIE / Laboratory NS Chroma.

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Drawing, devices that help us

if it was spectrometer Not too over-represented for DIY professionals, priced upwards and certainly not suitable for all budgets (eg for the hobbyist painter), sensors Of the latest generation it has carved out a place of honor for its small size and low costs. It is made of various models and is easy to use by those who are not familiar.

sensor Nex Mini 2 Executing the to survey For any surface or object, find a symbol for the nuances that characterize it. connected via Bluetooth To the smartphone, and then to the Nix Digital and Nix Paints applications that can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, they are able to combine references to the paints of the most famous companies.

Datacolor ColorReader Ezz It is another sensor that connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone, and with the free app called Datacolor ColorReader, it captures the color of what is being analyzed in a few moments.

like him Datacolor ColorReader Ezz Provides essential details to turn inspiration into paint in one Accuracy greater than 94%, with three similar – if not identical – proposals from the major manufacturers. With these, they can be created List NS painting to consult and share.

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