Loire. A mobile team interested in the faculties of the department

We are at the Louise-Michel College in Rive-de-Gier. A large and beautiful facility. Like all colleges of Loire, it is in good condition. That day, Alexis Lyonnet… Alexis is a college maintenance agent. It is above all very versatile!

At the Louise-Michel which kindly opens its doors to us, Alexis will spend about three weeks there bringing some color back into the hallways, maimed by the hundreds and hundreds of young people who move here daily …

Alexis is part of a mobile team of ten who intervene daily to carry out a multitude of maintenance or repair tasks for all organizations managed by the Loire County Council.

“We contribute to the quality of life in the colleges”

Alexis explains, “Recently, we were in Saint-Chamond where we renovated nearly every CDI. We redesigned all the panels, and above all, we changed the carpets we replaced with the flooring to improve the room’s sanitary qualities. At another college, we completed a sanitation project. Throughout the department with our tools to preserve this heritage in the best possible condition What makes our strength is that we are responsive, mobile and above all versatile …

Applied in his meticulous and humble work, Alexis is one of the department’s agents who contribute to the well-being of the staff, teachers and students. “On our junior level, yes, we contribute to improving the quality of life in colleges and when we renew a semester, we decorate an entire institution.”

And it is no coincidence that this mobile team is always well received upon its arrival … “We offer the knowledge and solution.” It is true that people are happy to see us arrive. Especially when they call us at the last minute with a plumbing or electrical problem … ”

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