Made by a drone in a bowling alley, this video will drive Hollywood directors crazy: ” Spectacular ”!

Video shot of a drone flying over a delivery In Minnesota it is spoken favorably not only among drone shooting experts, but above all by many famous celebrities and directors. Video with almost 90 seconds “Write up our alley” Baked at night and made by guys Rally Studios. It was put online a few days ago, which quickly started word-of-mouth with video filming experts with drones, but especially among the most popular directors who have even reached Hollywood outside of Minneapolis.

How was the video created and who liked it?

The video begins with an external shot at the bowling while the drone flies Not only are you throwing the ball across the street, you are also crossing paths that play multiple times or passing some people who are quietly entertaining themselves. Lightning-fast drone passes through a player’s legs He cleans his bowling ball under some furniture, then collects the pins in the back box and puts them on the tracks. Then another plane to the projection room next to the runway Then the drone will end very fast back into the runway, as some might expect.

Video is definitely a genre With great difficulty in shooting with the drone. More precisely the amazing nature of this video has caught the attention of many celebrities, especially the Hollywood directors who praised the production of the video and praised its creators.

And here Lee Enrich, The famous director of the animated film Pixar Coco, said “One of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen” One of his tweets simulates a jaw on the ground. But Todd Waziri, Visual Effects Artist who has worked on films such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, Transformers e Avatar, Tweeted a meaningful message “This kind of amazing photo discovery adds to the language and vocabulary of cinema. It’s simply beautiful.” And then the director again Defenders of the Galaxy, James Gunn, Said the rescue “Awesome” and “Incredible” The creators wanted to join the guards of the Galaxy 3 production team in London later this year.

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What some people didn’t immediately believe was that the video was filmed with a single tag. Director Anthony Jasca confirmed instead Video real “once”. It took 10 to 12 attempts in about two hours for the perfect shot to come home. Due to the drone’s usual hum, the team added audio to the post-production video. Sounds include rolling balls and hitting pins, but also conversations between a particular player: they have hints Big Lepowski – The cult image of the Goan brothers of the 90s often takes place inside a bowling alley.

Veronica Tucker

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