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Check out the new trick on WhatsApp to turn the app into a printer. Let’s see how to use the new trick.

Trick to turn an app into a printer (via screenshot)

Print messages Share This is a ridiculous idea, but it is more useful to us than we think. A message, in fact, may be a document we want to keep or it may also be a proof to use against people we do not trust, but it can also be a good gift. There are many different ways to print chat from iPhone and Android, let’s see what they are.

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  • IPhone – If you are the owner of an iBad, iPhone O Mac The best way to print a chat is to download the app iMazing. Before printing the dialogs, the application will create a backup of the messages and you will decide which messages to print when finished. If we print them PDF We have the same graphics of conversations chats.
  • Android – As for Android, we have another application to download, it is called Backup text for Watts. Allows you to convert applications into formats that actually include application CSV, Excel E HDLM. You also need to create a backup of what you have selected from your WhatsApp before printing this application. Content can be sent directly via email.

The big news for WhatsApp, calls and video calls is coming: what has changed

New functionality for messaging app (via screenshot)

It never stops surprising Share, Which is surprisingly ready to launch another operation. In fact, it will be possible to use it soon Enter calls and video calls Already launched. This was announced by the President Facebook group, Mark Zuckerberg, With a post posted on his social profiles. The arrival of the new feature is available immediately and to users around the world from next Monday.

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Before the last update, the only way to join the call is to respond to the on-screen notification. Instead, it is made possible by the update See who’s on call, With users Add yourself to the ongoing conversation. Obviously this update is about group calls and restarting a tool you have already seen Instagram. So let’s see what changes within the application.

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