Match: The match, his team match, Neymar, etc., the full episode of Pochettino after OM / PSG (0-0)

It’s Mauricio Pochettino in general somewhat satisfied with his side’s game that presented itself at the press conference after the 0-0 draw in Marseille. The Parisian coach explained that he appreciates the game of his forces at first, and then their solidarity to preserve the result after the fact. He also defended the Neymar match.

What is the positive point at the end of this 0-0 draw? Solidarity your team, the fact that keeping a point outnumbered?
“There are a lot of positive things. I think the team showed solidity, character and good organization in the game both offensively and defensively. It’s a shame that we played 40 minutes with one less player, but even at that time we controlled a team that played football and on a difficult field to play. In it. You can never be satisfied with a result like this, you always want to win, but I think you have to congratulate the players. They did a tremendous job!”

Your team played forty minutes with one less player and thus got a good point against their direct rival Marseille, but you can’t be completely satisfied, can you?
“I don’t like to take just one point. But because of the circumstances, I have a feeling between bitterness and sweetness, not completely disappointing nor satisfying, because we wanted to win. Given the circumstances, that point remains satisfactory because the team showed solidity.”

What is the greatest gratification in the game?
“I think there was a lot of really good stuff. In the offensive animation we had a lot of game moves that we were missing. The team production was good, even though we couldn’t score. But in this sector we have to go forward and the team is continuing in Development. “

After Hakimi’s red card, you had to eliminate an attack item. Why choose Angel Di Maria, who seemed so fair in his moves? And what do you think of the start of the season for Neymar, the most difficult, author of one goal and still difficult tonight?
“We had to make a decision and we took it. It could have been another question, and the question could have been asked as well because another could have been involved. We made that decision thinking of a solution that would make us play right-back Kehrer and three midfielders including Neymar, above the Gana and Danilo. Mbappe and Messi were ahead of them. I am very satisfied with Neymar’s match, he sacrificed a lot for the team. He had just come back from a period of inactivity after playing for Brazil. But I am very happy with his efforts, his participation and good performance will of course come from his good form. “

Paris Saint-Germain has been attacked offensively by its opponents in many matches, especially shooting more than it shoots on goal. Are you generally satisfied with your team’s performance in recent weeks despite these difficulties?
“We are looking for the best collective performance. We know historically that for a team like Paris Saint-Germain the months of September, October and November are more difficult. I am not happy with the end result today, but I am happy to develop into the state of form we find ourselves in.”

What do you think of OM’s performance? And do you think that the draw makes sense for both teams, or, on the contrary, one of the teams could have won?
“I think that under the circumstances we got a point back against a team that everyone looks at positively. I think we deserved to win little by little, but in my opinion we were a little better overall. Marseille seems to me a good team, but it is also under construction.”

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