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This is what home “whatistematrix.com” Currently Off: Behind the two pills awaits, usually “The Matrix,” tantalizing discoveries. Photo: Warner

Shortly before Christmas, the science fiction movie “The Matrix 4” will be shown in cinemas. An interactive presentation on the site is now showing the first excerpts from the film.

Stuttgart – Film studio Warner Bros. recently presented a new offer to cinema friends: you can go to Website for the fourth installment in the Matrix series. Interactively retrieve first impressions. The splash page shows the red and blue discs, which played a major role in the first part of 1999, and behind them are clips made from scraps of film assembled.

Little plot is revealed, and the effects fill the visuals and martial arts fight scenes in line with what audiences associate with The Matrix. It shows users their current time, along with a basic matrix question about whether their perceived reality is a reality or just a pretend.

In the “Red” clip, actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (“Chicago Trial 7”), who is supposed to play the young teacher Morpheus, talks about the “blue” clip Neil Patrick Harris “How I Met Your Mother”) one type of embodied psychologist . You can see, among others, Keanu Reeves (57), who takes on the lead role as New again, and Carrie-Ann Moss (54), who appears again as Trinity.

Special feature: Every time you click on the discs again, the website creates slightly different content — there should be more than 180,000 possible variants, the American Journal reports. “Entertainment Weekly”. The Matrix: Resurrections is the full title of the film scheduled for release in German cinemas on December 23, 2021.

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The grain is the key to the Matrix universe.

The first “Matrix” by Wachowski brothers Lana and Lily, then called Larry and Andy and now transgender women, is a classic science fiction movie. In the world of dystopia, man-made machines have taken over, people act as energy providers in incubator capsules and are presented with a lifelike virtual reality while they sleep.

A rebel group around Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne) and Trinity contact a hacker Neo known as Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves), whom they attribute to great potential. Morpheus gives him a choice: with the blue pill he can go on with the dawn, but the red pill will wake him up and bring him back to real life, where he will then prove that he is some kind of Christ.

Should Neo come back?

The trademark of the movie series is the mysterious computer symbol running in green letters from top to bottom across the screen. It also unlocks new clips. A trailer was presented to US commercial audiences in August, revealing details about the new film: Like the US Magazine “final date” According to reports, Neo is said to be stuck in the Virtual Matrix back in the beginning – like in 1999.

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