Microsoft will help you manage your passwords on PC and Mobile

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Numerous studies have shown that humans are not very good at observing good security practices on websites. This naivety is often observed in selecting and reusing passwords multiple times Web accounts. To overcome this innate failure in man, Microsoft He developed an application that helps to better manage these passwords and protect your personal data from potential criminals.

Microsoft Password Manager

In the latest version update ” edge »From its operating system, Microsoft It makes user data security one of its top priorities. The American company has incorporated a new feature called ” Password Monitor Available on the computer And the Mobile. Its purpose is to ensure the integrity of passwords and to ensure that all their information is not compromised. The two functions of Password Monitor are executed simultaneously in an efficient manner, allowing for better management of account security passwords and protecting them from any breach. All vulnerabilities in your protection switches (configuration, frequency of use, shelf life, etc.) will be disclosed to you. You will be able to correct it in time to avoid a potential account breach.

Management that remains under the user’s control

The new setting was introduced in Microsoft Edge Automated password management is allowed. However, implementation control and licensing remains the responsibility of the computer or smartphone user. The ” Password Monitor ” From Microsoft So it does not do self-management but rather delegate management of passwords on websites. Passwords can only be checked and verified if you save them in Microsoft Edge. So nothing can be done without your permission. These operations can be performed as many times as desired. Provided that the user is reassured that his data is absolutely safe.

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Media fame

Media fame

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