Starfield, the new sports movie leaked on the internet? –

Starfield He may have shown himself in another Picture, Which is also obvious Leaked online It seems to be placed on the internet but always on the border between comedy and reality, so it is not easy to understand whether these products are real or not.

This is a very similar screen shot to others previously leaked, as you can see below, showing some sort of look Space station Previously seen from another perspective, it allows you to read the word “LAB” more accurately.

Again, according to the report, this precedes a film build del 2018 And it seems to be a kind of example Property It should be used in the game rather than a real game scene, which apparently has minimal authenticity.

Images like these have appeared in many shipments in the previous post, but these are not confirmed items Bethesda, Which Starfield has kept a strict secret since its first logo ad, nothing else.

In this case, the film comes from a Neocoff forum user who reports that he does not even have an internal and “spends too much time on the Internet” so it is not clear how he discovered the object in question. However, as we did with the previous components, we report this, which seems to prove at least one certainty Continuation Compared to the initial leak.

In short, it is unclear whether this is a joke, a fake or something else, but for now there is nothing else in Starfield, so we propose and wait for this dubious image shown below. Information Considering that some people think the game may be over by 2021, it may actually come later in the year.

Starfield, another screen shot of the game’s space site?

Veronica Tucker

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