Minecraft Earth, the mobile augmented reality game, will close its doors on June 30

If you are a seasoned fan Minecraft worldYou only have a few months to benefit from it. Just over a year after its launch, the augmented reality video game will officially close its doors on June 30, 2021, the date the game’s servers will be closed by Microsoft. The title has also been removed from various download platforms.

Mojang, the studio behind the game, says its title is designed for a co-op game in which players can move. Such as Pokemon GoAnd the Minecraft world In principle it requires outdoor travel. Despite the changes Mojang made in an effort to make his title playable at home, the studio’s efforts weren’t enough to save his title.

However, Minecraft world It will benefit from the last major update before its removal. Mojang hopes to give his game a decent edition by trying to make it happen “Fun as possible”.
Thus, in-game transactions with real money are eliminated and the time required to build items is greatly reduced.

After June 30, Microsoft will permanently delete all player data. And for those who have spent money on Minecraft Earth, they will have the option to download the Bedrock version of Minecraft for free on their smartphones.

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