Mobile app to discover the miracles of Beaucerons 12

Last week, Destination Beauce and its partners launched the mobile app tale, Which provides an audio description of Beauceron's miracles spread across 12 sites on the Via la Beauce.

An immersive digital experience will accompany tourists in their discovery of the area. Audio capsules, videos and descriptions of the miracles there are accessible, as well as a range of other stories and historical facts from Beauce.

After several years of work and investments totaling more than $ 2 million, Destination Beauce will now undertake a long-term promotional campaign to raise awareness of this unique project. Furthermore, for several weeks, the organization has been distributing thematic activity books for primary school children in all schools of the Pius-Etchemins School Service Center, to help them experience life differently. Miracles of Bosseron.

The organization was able to count on several partners to achieve this tourism structure: the Canadian Economic Development of Quebec Regions (DEC), the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Economic Council of Beauce-Desjardins, the Immigrant Resource Centre of Beauce-Sartigan, the Immigrant Resource Centre of Beauce-Centre, the Immigrant Resource Centre of Nouvelle-Beauce, as well as the Chaudière-Appalaches Tourism Authority.

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