A sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 should be even more dystopian, and making it in America will help

Cyberpunk 2077 Taking place in Night City, it's a fictional metropolis in a dystopian setting where corporations have power and decent law applies, but developer CD Projekt RED believes it doesn't go far enough. Dystopia A video game wants to better capture the problems Americans face sequelsCodenamed Orion, it is currently under development at CDPR's new studio a Boston. The first game was made in Poland, remember.

In a new episode of the AnsweRED Podcast, Next Cyberpunk's co-director Pawel Sasko talked about the title and explained how moving the game's production to America helped.

America will help the team to create the best sequel to Cyberpunk 2077

“I think we didn't push the envelope enough in some places,” Sasco said. “For example, about The Homeless Crisis, when I look at it, I tell myself that we didn't handle this properly in Cyberpunk 2077. We thought we were dystopian, but we only scratched the surface.”

Dan Hernberg, executive producer of the Cyberpunk sequel, joked that Cyberpunk 2077 had “a homeless man in a tent somewhere” and that the team thought that was enough, saying that Americans would need them. “A whole city” of homeless people In the Night City to capture the nation's homelessness crisis. Sasco says living in America has given her a better perspective on how widespread these problems are.

So says Sasuke Orion work in America This will help them notice less impactful discrepancies with values ​​such as how manholes are built, street lights, how tanks are positioned on odd lines. He admits that things are different in Poland and Europe in general compared to the US, so a clear view of the nation in which cyberpunk is set (from a cultural perspective, not just a material one) would be helpful, he admits.

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Obviously there are other reasons to move to Boston.

Veronica Tucker

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