Monster Hunter Stories: The Game has been released, (re)discovered Nintendo Direct trailer

Attention Monster Hunter fans! Monster Hunter Stories awaits you starting June 14, 2024 on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Between RPG adventures, unique friendships with Monsties, and graphic and audio innovations, immerse yourself in this new work from Capcom that promises complete immersion in a wonderful world!

Adventure knows no bounds for fans of this saga Monster hunter ! And for good reason: Monster Hunter Stories Arriving this summer on Computer, Playstation 4 And Nintendo Switch. Announced recently Nintendo DirectThis authorship was signed Capcom The RPG takes on a turn-based twist, promising players a unique journey into a world where monsters reign and tradition mixes with adventure. The game is available since June 14, 2024: adventure awaits you!

Monster Hunter Stories Trailer:

in Monster Hunter StoriesThe universe is inhabited by majestic creatures, but the secret society chooses a different path: the path of friendship with these monsters, nicknamed… Monsties. Players will take on the role of Riders, forging unique bonds with these creatures through Friendship Gems. This bond will allow you to travel together across vast and mysterious regions, engaging in strategic battles and customizing your character MonstiesThus adapting the adventure to his personal playing style.

New features for Monster Hunter Stories Don't stop there. This revised and improved version promises a stunning visual presentation, with… Monsties and more detailed settings, enhanced by high-definition compositions and lighting. Players will experience complete immersion with full voice acting in Japanese and English, and will be able to enjoy the game in many languages, including Chinese, Korean, Russian, and more.

Monster Hunter Stories: Check out the Nintendo Direct trailerMonster Hunter Stories: Check out the Nintendo Direct trailerMonster Hunter Stories: Check out the Nintendo Direct trailer

the Museum fashion, an exclusive addition, will allow you to rediscover the game's music and graphics, providing a unique look at its development. Finally, content updates, previously exclusive to Japan, are now available to everyone, paving the way for new adventures.

Monster Hunter Stories Therefore, it is preparing to provide a rich and diverse experience, combining exploration, combat, and camaraderie. Get ready to ride the Monsties and dive into this colorful new installment of the franchise Monster hunter.

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