Monthion ► [Vidéo] Jean-Claude Brialy’s 2 Biography Revamped by Retro Mobile Club

Jean-Claude Brialy’s 2 biography has been perfectly restored by the Retro Mobile Club of Monthyon, and presented in the palace grounds, on Sunday, June 5, during meetings in the gardens.

Actor Jean-Claude Brialy’s second biography has been replenished by Retro Mobile Club. The mayor of the city, Claude Dicober, states: “It works and is being shown here for the first time. The car attracts a lot of people.”

Patrick Gwen, Treasurer of Retro Mobile Club, tells a storySentences : “Jean-Claude Brialy’s second CV was bought five or six months ago by one of our members and has just been refurbished by our workshops. It comes out of the garage, completely rebuilt. We restore and show vintage cars. It’s part of the heritage and the people Very interested in him.”

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Before it was taken over by RMCM, the car was in dire straits. Club members used the large facilities in their Montheon workshop to renovate it.

The result was amazing, and it looks like it came out fresh from the Citroën factory. Volunteers went looking for parts in Belgium and everywhere in order to get them back. Patrick Gwen says: “The engine, meanwhile, is in perfect condition because it has only traveled 28,000 km on the odometer.”

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