Mundaun, a horror-adventure game inspired by the folklore of the Alps, reveals more about its innovation

BTS’s third episode of the Mundaun game, inspired by Alpine folklore, shows the inspiration behind a building in the game.

Tuesday 9 February 2021 – Interactive MWM (MWMiToday it is unveiled The third episode of a bi-weekly behind-the-scenes video series From a horror and adventure game Mundown from Hidden fieldsOne-person studio founded by Swiss developer and painter Michelle Ziegler. Advance video series Creative development process Plus the folklore and real-life inspiration behind the game.

In this third episode,Painter House“, Michelle Ziegler It takes us step-by-step through one of the recreated locations in the game. The episode also focuses on a point of view Michelle Ziegler About how players immerse players in his terrifying adventure with hand-drawn graphics. the third episode Painter HouseNow available on YouTube.

Mundown It is the first game Michelle Ziegler, And takes players on a journey of a young man who travels into a dark and isolated valley Alp To counter a harmful entity that is there and discover The secret of his grandfather’s death.

Mundown Will be available le 16 mars sur PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4 and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch et PC via Steam et l’Epic Game Store. Steam users can now add Mundown they Wish list. Additional episodes of this video series will be released every two weeks prior to the game’s launch.

About Mundaun

Mundaun will be available for PC and console in 2021. A one-man pencil-made horror adventure, Hidden Fields (aka Michel Ziegler), Mundaun is a story set in the dark side of the Swiss Alps, with a history rooted in the ice folklore of Region. Players follow a young man who travels to Mundaun to investigate the mysterious circumstances of his grandfather’s death. Along the way, he discovers that something old and sinister is haunting the whimsical townspeople. Players will need to solve a number of literal puzzles to uncover the Mundaun’s secrets, and they will also need to avoid triggering the game’s unique fear system, the “cause and effect” gameplay feature that affects players.

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About MWM Immersive

MWM Immersive, a division of MWM, produces and distributes high-quality interactive entertainment with the best possible storytelling in the world. Ethan Stearns, Executive Vice President for Content, oversees the creative operations and vision of MWMi. Using audience knowledge and an engaging community, MWMi connects players with innovative, interactive storytelling in a whole new way. MWMi is the division behind such critically acclaimed groundbreaking projects as Dan Carlin’s “The Remaining War”, a fully immersive historical experience, and “chained” that defines the category: “Nightmare Victory”, as well as the magical universe. Written by John Favreau, virtual reality “Gnomes & Goblins”.

In partnership with Sony Pictures, MWMi is innovating in gaming and virtual reality experiences to increase the number and franchises of Sony’s films, such as “Groundhog Day: Like a Father Like A Son”. “

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