Laval Virtual’s Stereolux and Recto VRso launched a call across the board about immersive technologies

This program will allow one or more artists to spend time in residence and exchange with experts, enabling them to visualize an artistic creation project using immersive and interactive technologies.

Laval Virtual’s Stereolux and Recto VRso make a call across the board about immersive technologies © DR

It aims:

– To develop thinking in the use of virtual and mixed reality technologies as an artistic means;

– To bring out new original artistic proposals to explore their creative potential;

To support the rise of artists’ skills in this type of technology.

Topic 2021: Virtual Environment

Projects can focus on several topics such as:

  • Experience in the virtual environment
  • Virtual icons in an environment
  • Illusion games between the real environment and the virtual environment
  • Environmental issues in relation to our society
  • Parallel, multifaceted, and complementary hybrid environments.
  • Presence in a virtual environment, and a multi-user social presence.

This invitation is a preview of the Recto VRso 2022 festival theme: Real Environment / Virtual Environment.

The winning team or artist will benefit from a three-week reception in residence (2 weeks at Stereolux, 1 week at Laval Virtual Center) and a maximum total envelope of € 6,000 excluding taxes for accommodation expenses, equipment purchases and bonuses.

Application deadline: March 8, 2021

more information Here

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