Zuckerberg sees potential prevailing after sales increased in the fourth quarter

Facebook CFO David Weiner explained to investors the strong increase in sales in the “other income” section with strong sales of Oculus Quest 2 this Christmas season: How Uploadvr.com You reported that this region amounted to $ 885 million in the fourth quarter of last year, compared to only $ 346 million in 2019

Since the category also includes Facebook portal devices for video calls (common in times of pandemics), Quest 2 sales numbers cannot be explained from this. At least the $ 539 million increase indicates a strong interest increase.

Screenshot – Oculus Quest 2 (OculusQuest, Virtual Reality)

Fittingly, the CEO showed himself Mark Zuckerberg at an investor meeting Optimistic about Facebook Reality Labs’ current virtual reality system (formerly Oculus): Quest 2 is “on its way to becoming the first mainstream virtual reality system”. Facebook has done more than any other company to bring virtual reality into the mainstream. Quest 2 does very well and is ‚Äúreally proud of what we have achieved there. ”

Zuckerberg also mentioned developing new hardware or a potential successor with downward compatibility: “We are still working on new devices, new devices … content that plays on Quest 2 must be backward-compatible.”

“I look forward to the roadmap for 2021 as we innovate new and meaningful ways of economic growth, community building and simply helping people have fun,” Zuckerberg added in a video message recorded before the meeting.

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