Naughty dog ​​in PS5 fantasy game? Two more comment art pop up!

And get Rumors related to a fantasy game signed by Naughty Dog Expected The Lost of S Part 2 comes a month after its release, preceding the spring of last year.

Ellie and Joel’s epic caught the attention of fans regarding the software house several months later and is now enthusiastically linked The next project The team wakes up again. At the moment, it is good to highlight that there is no official communication from the naughty dog ​​channels about what is taking shape in their studios at this time. Speculations linked to a project Imaginary systemsHowever, they are back in practice after seeing a manipulator Comment art published by a naughty dog ​​artist.

Hyung Naam, Sony Team Senior Concept Artist, published this work on his Art Station profile, suggesting that it is a related New game. However, in reality, the already announced concept art does not imply a reference: along with it, the artist actually has Two more pictures, You can find below this message. The three conceptual arts are represented by Hyung Nam Women of the North: These female figures are actually destined to go into a new exclusive PS5? To learn more, you must wait: In the meantime, Neil Truckman Promised that Naughty dog ​​works in a big case.

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Veronica Tucker

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