New slogan: Xiaomi has been in business at rounded corners for four years

This is what the previous Xiaomi logo looked like.

KDo you call the Xiaomi logo? True, it is square, practical, orange. The center is decorated with an abstract “Mai” made of white stripes. At least that has been Xiaomi’s motto for the longest time. Now there’s a new brand for the company and it looks … something like the old.

Xiaomi: the square becomes round

Dynamic, feeling “alive”, resilient, stiffness ?? Xiaomi wants to express all this with its new logo. The new logo was designed by Kenya Hara. He is a designer and professor at Musashino University of the Arts and president of the Nippon Center of Design (NDC). The company color remains orange. This is supposed to convey the vitality and youth of Xiaomi. Black and silver should also be used for high-end product lines. Kenya Hara may have used the mathematical formula “super ellipse” when designing the Xiaomi logo. Mathematicians definitely know what this means. For everyone else, the information is sufficient: the designer achieved “a perfect visual dynamic balance”.

The logo could not be recognized

Similar to the new PlayStation logo, Xiaomi is getting a lot of attention. Most of the media scoff at the designs, which at first glance look almost the same, but the development took several years. the edge For example the headlines “Xiaomi Logo Unrecognizable”. The network community also mocked the PlayStation 5, because they only swapped 4 for the PlayStation 4 logo for 5.

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