New Ulm: Aggressive mask rejector filmed the police in action: cell phone confiscation

A 33-year-old does not want to wear a mask in a store in New Ulm, and his merchandise is not checked out. When the police arrive, he becomes aggressive.

A 33-year-old man refused to go to a grocery store on Wednesday
New Olm
To wear a mask. Intervention by employees and security personnel. as such
Then the man arrived and acted aggressively. Several announcements are waiting for him now.

According to police, the 33-year-old entered the grocery store on Bahnhof Street at 6:40 PM without the need for a mouth and nose cap. At the store, two employees approached him and asked him to wear a face mask. According to the police, he did not comply with this request.

Police operation in New Ulm: Agent stops

Upon checkout, he gave the cashier the appropriate amount of money to buy it and then left the shop with the merchandise, but the cashier was unable to clear the goods. Because of this, he was stopped by the security and a store employee. This led to a loud verbal controversy.

When the police patrol arrived, the aggressive man continued to refuse to wear a mouth and nose cover, according to the police. Since he did not want to reveal his name to the officers, he was taken to the New Ulm Police Station for identification. It can then be identified there.

You cannot show the place of residence in Germany

During the entire operation, the man filmed the officers with his mobile phone. Since the 33-year-old had no place of residence in Germany, the duty attorney general ordered that the authorized recipient’s name be disclosed and his mobile phone confiscated. He was reported for “breaching the confidentiality of the word”, as well as for violating the Administrative Offenses Act and the Infection Protection Measures Act. (The)

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