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I study them Precious stones (Spice and Wolf VR) recently announced that the first release of their new virtual reality game which will be placed in the universe series. Yuru Camp – Au grand air (Camp Dahr) entitled Relaxation Camp – Virtual – Lake MutsuWill be available Precisely on March 4 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via steamAnd iOS and Android. A new trailer and photos have also been released. The second copy Relaxation Camp – Virtual – Fomoto Camp Site, Still scheduled on the same media for April.

As a reminder, this will be a global release, the site has already been confirmed, Just download. The characters’ voices will remain in Japanese (Yumi Hanamori is still the voice of Nadeshiko Kagamihara, Nao Tomoya doubles Rin Shima, Sayori Hara doubles Chiaki Ogaki, Aki Toyosaki doubles Oi Inuyama, Rai Takahashi doubles Ina Saito and Akio Otsuka again the narrator), while Subtitles will be available in French, English, Japanese, Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Korean.

Both versions of the game will be compatible with Nintendo Labo VR Games Collection, PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. Note however thatIt will be possible to play without these accessories.

The game will allow you to enjoy the wonderful outdoor life with the heroines of Yuru – Au grand air camp / Laid-Back camp, near Lake Motosu or Fumoto Camp, hence the genre called “Virtual Camping Adventure”. We can discuss characters including Ren And the NadeshikoExplore the place, take pictures … In the first installment, we’ll play Nadeshiko, while in the second, we’ll play Rin.

Yuru Camp – Au grand air / Laid-Back Camp is originally a manga written and illustrated by the author Afro Since 2015 it is today in 10 volumes. Anime produced by the studio C-Station It aired in 2018, and is also available in full at VOSTFR at Crunchy Roll. The second season is being broadcast. Manga from edit Newbies newbies! in France. Anime with shorter episodes Camp room / Heya camp, Still directed by C-Station, it was also broadcast in 2020. Also in 2020, a drama was broadcast on the channel. Tokyo TV. A second season is planned in the spring of 2021. This series deals with the symbols of the slice of life and in particular Iashiki, in order to relax by following the adventures of the various popular heroines.

Anime summary by Crunchyroll:

« Since her move, Nadeshiko has wanted to go see Mt Fuji by bike. But bad weather foils her plans and she finds refuge after Rin, the little girl who goes camping. This is the starting point of the friendship between these two high school girls who share the same attraction: a meeting on the edge of a lake that offers a breathtaking view of the famous mountain. They decide to form an outdoor activity club and train other guys in this place of tranquility … »

Official game description:

« LEAD BACK CAMP (Au Grand Air) is coming to 3D!

Play as Nadeshiko and go with Rin for a relaxing campsite by Lake Motosu. This is the opportunity to take a lot of photos and taste good food!

Join Nadeshiko, Rin and the Au Grand Air gang for a unique 3D adventure! Various situations and many discoveries await you in this game with full voice. Each journey is the duration of an anime episode, and provides total immersion!

Nadeshiko Kagamihara (Yumi Hanamori)
Rin Shima (Nao Toyama)
Chiaki Ogaki (Sayori Hara)
Aoi Inoyama (Aki Toyosaki)
Ina Saito (rai takahashi)
Narration: Akio Otsuka

This artwork can be enjoyed without HMD »

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