Sports smartphones: practical mobile phone covers from 6 euros

Smartphones are popular and practical companions for exercising. You can record your running path using GPS and APP. With the right music from the cell phone, you can ensure adequate motivation and motivation while running. However, many sports pants do not have or only have small pockets – what do you do with your smartphone? The answer is provided by the Sports mobile phone cases. We took a closer look at one Portholic arm bag € 10 And one Running belt from Nastix for just under 14 euros. In this guide, we show you the other models available and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

A widespread form is the mobile phone pocket for the arm. The runner puts the smartphone in the pocket and then attaches it to the upper arm with a rubber band. The most popular are the variants that have a transparent film as the cover, such as the models from Eazy Case, Bigben or Coverkingz. This means you can see the phone screen even when you are in your pocket.

A smartphone can be operated through the chip. In practice, this only works moderately and inaccurately. This almost nullifies this “feature”. For example, to mark the next song while you are running, we recommend using button headphones, a smartwatch, or a fitness tracker. Transparent film arm cell phone holders do not provide any space for other items such as a handbag or a set of keys. Only one switch fits into a cubicle. Almost all arm pockets have a hole for a smartphone’s headphone cable.

Sports bracelets are an alternative. These consist of a smartphone holder and a flexible bracelet. The smartphone is attached to the holder and then fixed with rubber bands. With the elastic neoprene bracelet, you can then attach everything to your arm. The advantages of these products: They are very light and you can easily use your mobile phone while walking. The drawback: You can’t even take a key with you – the sport arm strap doesn’t protect your mobile device from the rain.

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The Portholic Arm Pocket takes a different route and eliminates the smartphone’s viewing window. In addition to the main mobile compartment, there is a separate small storage space for keys and a wallet. This is very useful because the keychain can scratch the cell phone screen. The Portholic Bag is also suitable for larger smartphones up to 6.7 inches in diameter. There is also a hole for the headphone cable. In our testing, this worked without any problems for Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro (Test Report).

Before reaching the cell phone pocket for your arm, you must make sure that the pocket is large enough for your smartphone. Some arm pockets are specially designed for specific smartphone models. Anyone running in the rain should also check whether the arm pocket adequately protects the smartphone from water. Although the fabric of almost all arm pockets is waterproof, in heavy rain it may not save the cell phone. Alternatively, you can use a waterproof smartphone.

You can get an arm pocket for your smartphone while jogging for just € 7. However, people with wide arms should ensure that the cell phone pocket does not sever the arm severely. This can quickly become painful while running. When we tried arm pockets, they severely cut the skin on the biceps. A good alternative for people with wide arms is belt bags or running bands for stomach.

An arm pocket is not for everyone. If it is too inconvenient or too impractical due to lack of storage space, you can use the belt bag. There are runner designs that are particularly thin and still make room for a smartphone and key. This shape is also known as a running belt and has the advantage that it does not sway while running. Corresponding running bands are available from manufacturers such as Smitex, Salomon, Nathan, Inline or Celly for as little as € 6. You do not have to spend more than 15 euros for this.

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As with the arm pockets, there are also variants with a transparent film for the smartphone, for example from Inline or Celly. There are also trigger straps without a display window, such as the Nastix model. We found this to be more practical overall, since you really don’t want anything from the cell phone screen to read on your stomach while you run. Almost all running bands have holes for headphone cables. Some models have reflective strips to make it easier for runners to see in the dark when a car or bike lights them up.

Before purchasing a running belt, you must make sure that the smartphone fits on it. You should also make it clear if you need more space – for a key set or wallet. Mostly, water repellents are used. However, the mobile phone may not be sufficiently protected in heavy rain.

If you jog regularly with your smartphone, you should consider purchasing a suitable headphone or fitness tracker. Although most mobile phone cases have a cable slot, the Bluetooth version may be more suitable. We show suitable models in the world of the topic of sports headphones.

A running belt or smartphone arm pocket is a useful accessory for runners – especially when sports pants do not have pockets. You do not have to spend more than 15 euros for this. The arm cell phone pocket usually provides a little extra storage space. This type of mobile holder may be inconvenient for people with a wide upper arm.

A running belt is a practical alternative – it usually provides enough storage for a portable device and a set of keys, but it’s still small enough not to interfere with operation. In light rain, both arm pockets and running straps provide a certain level of protection from water – but in the event of a heavy rain, check the bag’s waterproofness or get a smartphone with adequate water protection right away.

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