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Nvidia Announced DLDSR, An acronym for Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution, is an artificial intelligence-enhanced DSR version that will be introduced alongside the next Comrade drivers Filters Created by Marty McFly, Nickname of Motor Pascal Kilcher.

Just minutes after the surprise release of the 12GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080, the company has upgraded a set of graphics features that can be implemented with it. Control panel, To obtain a sharp image with the same clarity in this case and without distortion of performance.

The DLDSR actually delivers graphics at 1620p, then a downshopping to 1080p and a Detail level Visually high but without affecting fps.

NVIDIA DLDSR, Images for comparison

As for the filters made by Marty McFly, it will be featured in the next version GeForce experience, We talk about the effects of working with DLDSR to significantly improve the quality and privilege of the film, and the result can be compared to Remaster.

In particular, the filters contain talla SSRTGI (Screen Space Ray Trusted Global Illumination), now the classic reset that simulates racing; SSAO (Screen space ambient enclosure), which emphasizes providing shadows near the intersections of three-dimensional objects; And Dynamic DOF (Depth of field), which applies the bokeh effect to the display.

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