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Lost Centuria is definitely one of the most anticipated mobile games of 2021. Publisher Com2uS is now accepting pre-registrations for the new title.

The title, which is being developed for iOS and Android, is a strategy game in which players compete against each other in real-time battles with eight individually skilled monsters. Gameplay should feature many elements of the game, including the counterattack skill system and the special summoner spells.

Mobile adventures with real battles in real time

The franchise sequels before the events of Summoners War: Sky Arena. The player finds himself in the middle of a kingdom located in the middle of the Garen Forest and Mount Siz. The once peaceful corner of the world has become the scene of bitter conflict. In the course of his adventure, the player confronts the warrior Cadogan and his forces in order to expel them from the Continent.

South Korean publisher Com2uS is planning to participate in the upcoming 2021 Taipei Games Fair on January 30th to provide more information on Lost Centuria. Along with influencers, Com2uS will introduce important features of the game as part of its live broadcast and hold show matches with guests.

Interested players can visit Official Website Pre-register Summoners War: Lost Centuria now.

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