One of the founders of Rockstar Games expects big changes –

Jamie King, one of them Founders of Rockstar Games, Who has left the company for a long time, believes that GDA6 There will be deities Big changes Compared to the standard formula of the series, so it will be different from GTA 5 and all the other episodes.

According to King The most significant change would be a change in the tone of the series, which would no longer want to mock America and its citizens, and thus become more radical. The reason for the new features introduced in the game is simple: GTA 5’s huge success and, above all, GTA Online.

King: “I would not be surprised if the tone changes, the new one will be less bitter and fun. I think they have a chance to do something prosperous that they never did. Maybe not even. I repeat: there is a beautiful car that can only be broken by a great effort. Looking at the success of GTA 5, GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2, I hope everything goes well. But I’m culturally, within the company, both Rockstar North and Rockstar New York blamed the absence of Leslie Benzis and Dan Hauser. Yes, things are definitely different.

Of course King’s words are no longer the words of Rockstar Games. Of course, the extent of his knowledge of the company and his background and his Internal Contacts, He certainly holds, even if he speculates, it is difficult not to regard him as an interesting source. For others GTA 6 is still a mystery and will probably remain so until the game is delivered.

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Veronica Tucker

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