Perfectly carved hole in the shape of a door on Mars: Is it an alien?

A day from Record of a powerful earthquake felt on MarsWe return to the red planet once again to observe one of the latest shots sent by the Curiosity rover. Carved door on Mars landscape.

The original photo, released by NASA yesterday, was taken on May 7, 2022 by the Curiosity rover’s mastcam in a geographical setting known as the Green Heck Fronton of Earth, which you can find at the bottom of the message. At first glance it would seem natural to say that it is a A collection of Star Wars or the work of an alien civilization But, by paying close attention to what is inside this crack, it becomes clear that the hole closes after the entrance; Also, on the opposite side of the photo, we see a large cut in the rock that splits it in half.

Imagination takes us far, and that is the truth Often it is a cut bone fracture: Following the Mars earthquake, a portion of the rock split, creating this bizarre natural door. Sometimes a game of light or a little imagination is enough Get confused and engage in bizarre theoriesAnd scientists are well aware of this.

Our most attentive readers will, in fact, remember The mysterious cube was discovered far from the moonIt was nothing more than a simple rock that, thanks to the game of light, appeared to be a complete cube structure from a distance of 80 meters.

Veronica Tucker

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