Our tips for getting your headphones back like new

In recent years, audio devices have become essential items, whether it’s for listening to music, controlling your calls, watching TV, or even gaming.

They are used heavily on a daily basis, and they end up being stained and stained, or even damaged by wear and tear. The question is what is the correct way to clean it?

Obviously, you can’t just toss your headphones in soapy water, so here’s a list of the few that are suitable to use:

These are just basic tips, but it’s worth checking the manufacturer’s website, especially for more expensive models, to see if they have specific cleaning tips.

How to clean your headphones

The main areas to clean in headphones are the fabric pads that rest on your ears, as this direct contact will likely lead to a buildup of grease or other deposits.

If they are removable, remove them so that you can access the internal parts, without damaging the ear cups themselves.

You can buy leather items tissues or some cleansing milk specialized. In other cases, also feel free to use a dry cloth to remove surface oils and dirt.

If you want to disinfect pads, add a small drop ofIsopropyl alcohol on your laundry and wipe down sparingly to avoid fading, among other things.

For its inner edges, use a cotton swab moistened with a little cleaning fluid. To prevent liquid from flowing into the speakers, we always like to raise the headphones at an angle so that any liquid flows away from the grille.

Use a cotton swab to clean the edges under the pads next to the speaker grille, working slowly and carefully to avoid damaging anything. You can also use a rag with a very light spray of cleaning fluid to wipe the grille itself, but again be careful and careful so that moisture does not drip into the speaker area.

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Clean the headband, outer pads, and any other hard surface with a damp cloth or isopropyl alcohol to remove germs and dirt. If you use soap on the cloth, be sure to wipe it down well and let it dry. If you choose alcohol, let the surfaces dry naturally.

How to clean your headphones

Headphones are a little difficult to clean because they are small and tend to get dirty faster than sitting in your ears for hours on end.

If your headphones have a removable silicone cover, gently remove it and clean it with warm water with a little detergent. You can also use an old toothbrush so you don’t miss any areas.

Dry them and wait until the moisture on the surfaces or in the folds is gone.

Once the tips are removed, use a dry rag to remove any debris that has accumulated on the tips. To clean the grill, wet a cloth with water, then gently wipe it to remove any wax that may have settled on it.

Again, make sure they are completely dry before replacing the silicone protectors.

On the other hand, there is a special case for AirPods, because it is not recommended to use moisture. Therefore, take a dry cotton swab and gently remove the visible dirt. To remove build-up on the inner edges of the cavities, choose a soft-bristled brush (paint or makeup) instead.

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