Picture Search Puzzle: Where’s the Cell Phone?

Updated: Jan 16, 2021 – 8:16 am

Image search difficult
Riddle: Where is the cell phone?

Table, patterned rug and cellphone somewhere – put it back on. but where? This is what we must find out today. Unfortunately without a bell useful. Look carefully, it’s well camouflaged!

Magic day in and day out mystery the network. Searching photos in particular is very popular – an entertaining pastime. When you know the solution, it will be much more fun to watch friends and family desperate to find the hidden thing! Today we have a search image that has already received thousands of clicks and has been shared more than 20,000 times. Shown: A white table on a patterned rug. But somewhere in this photo there is also a mobile phone.

Picture Search Puzzle: Where’s the Cell Phone?

It’s not that easy because the cell phone has a well-camouflaged case. With a little focus, you can still find it within seconds! Well where is it?

Tip: In the gallery the image appears a little larger.

Look closely! Can you see where the phone is?

Do you want to know the solution?

You just can’t figure it out? Then click Image Gallery above. There we will tell you the location of the cell phone.

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