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According to a developer at Dice, the nickname Eleanor, Xbox There will be deities Games not yet announced Is coming inside 2021. His comment, published in the Reset forum, (however, critics say it was planned for 2020) was in response to those who complained about the lack of major products in the Xbox lineup released yesterday, except for Hollow Infinite.

The big publishers are unlikely to reveal their full plans for the current year in January, so what the woman said should not be far from the truth. Probably Microsoft He still has cards for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, which he hides to try not to spoil the surprising effect.

What games are likely to come at the end of 2021? Hard to say for sure: maybe Senua’s Saga: HelpPlate 2, has not been talked about for a while, or something from the new Forza Motorsport or Bethesda Studios is still in the process of acquisition (Starfield?). We will see.

However, we will not underestimate games like Psychonats 2, Sable, Scorn, Warmmer 40,000: Darkight, The Medium and Microsoft Flight Simulator, to name a few already announced.

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