Players can be counted on the fingers of one hand

Is enough. A month after its release, there are almost no players left. Steam numbers are as ridiculous as they are alarming. Can the title survive this drop in attendance?

We thought no game could do worse than Anthem and yet the fall of Babylon is on track. PlatinumGames multiplayer game struggles to keep more than 10 players on PC.

Less than 10 active players in the fall of Babylon

The decline continues for the fall of Babylon. Shortly after its March 3 release, the audience at The Fall of Babylon was already in free fall. And if you thought that PlatinumGames and Square Enix’s gaming service couldn’t go downhill, you were wrong. We knew he was in bad shape, but at this point it was disastrous, even funny. In the past week alone, Babylon’s Fall has brought together… 8 players concurrently on Steam.

A game designed for multiplayer with less than 10 assets per day a month after its release, it’s no longer a shipwreck at this point. This desertion can be explained in many ways, but the most obvious is that the fall of Babylon is bad. Critics and feedback from the players were harsh. Dated Mechanics, Shameful Economic Strategy, Elden Ring Synchronous Edition. The game checks all the boxes.

Number of active players in the fall of Babylon

What future for the game?

With such performances, the question of the future of the fall of Babylon returned to everyone’s lips. After the game’s failed launch, Square Enix and PlatinumGames said they did not want to abandon the ship. The studio behind NieR and Bayonetta wanted to reassure the game’s few fans by saying that there is no doubt that the development sails are lowering at the moment. Especially since the content of the second season was almost ready at that time and work had already begun in the third and subsequent seasons.

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“noWe will continue to feed players with content and improve the game based on their feedback, in an effort to retain existing players and attract new fans. ‘, then announced the studio. However, with 10 players active on PC, there won’t be much feedback to collect. It remains to be seen if the follower count is more awesome on PS4 and PS5 but we doubt it. We know the disastrous fate For this type of epithet that followed a similar path there is a possibility that the fall of Babylon would suffer the same fate: desertion.

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