PlayStation, a new portable console works for a rumor on Sony –

Sony He will be in a new job PlayStation Type Portable After the PS Vita, and according to a youtuber RedGamingTech report, the project is already facing redesign in the early stages of development.

In fact, rumors of a better return on the PlayStation Portable have been around for some time already, but not yet Rumor In this case they stopped circulating and nothing is known. Rumors of a compatibility with those on the PS5 Pro now seem to be coming to the fore again.

“I heard Sony was working on something New portable console“, Wrote RedGamingTech.” It is difficult to say whether these projects will see the light of day or be canceled. As far as I know, the portal has already undergone at least one redesign in the early stages of development.

If the console in question really needs to see the light, it means that after the amazing results of the PlayStation Vita, the Japanese house feels that this segment is even more satisfying.

After all, the Nintendo Switch shows that it can do it very well and even the first results of the Steam deck seem inspiring: it all depends on the type of offer you are going to make.

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Veronica Tucker

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