Plucky Squire goes beyond dimensions… it's the indie game to watch in 2024, and we'll show you why!

Game News Plucky Squire goes beyond dimensions… it's the indie game to watch in 2024, and we'll show you why!

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It’s official, The Plucky Squire is ready to release this year. During Summer Game Fest, the developers announced it, revealing gameplay sequences at the same time. We’ve had the chance to get our hands on it, and one thing is for sure: in 2024, Le Vaillant Petit Page will be an experience not to be missed!

During Summer Game Fest 2024, Devolver Digital showed off more of The Plucky Squire, the first game developed by All Possible Futures. Meanwhile, our editors at the site had the chance to take it in hand in order to test out some gameplay stages.. Preview video is also available above! The game features a cute and creative style, mixing 2D and 3D gameplay sequences. The developers have succeeded in creating a captivating world, where players are immersed in an adventure reminiscent of the Zelda saga! In France, Le Vaillant Petit Page is scheduled to be released in 2024 on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. No specific date has been reported.

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“A nice game that crosses dimensions”

During the preview, we had the opportunity to discover a two-dimensional childlike world. In fact, the events take place in a short story until the evil wizard Humgrump realizes that he himself is the villain of the story and that he must be defeated by Jot Page. Then the villain decides to change the course of the scenario to prevent his defeat. This is how the player who embodies the protagonist will have to overcome challenges to ensure the victory of the good guys!

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Where the game manages to surprise and stand out through the variety of gameplay. For Goot, the book it comes from is no limit. In fact, you will be able to swing, thanks to the green vortices, between a 2D world through the pages and a real 3D world! In order to solve some puzzles, it will be necessary to discover the desk on which the book is placed. For example, in a gameplay sequence, the player must leave the story to block a gear with a seal located in the 3D universe and thus continue to progress in the level. This clever interplay between the two dimensions adds a layer of complexity and satisfaction to an otherwise well-crafted game. The Plucky Squire also features numerous NPC encounters that challenge the player to solve challenges. During the preview, we encountered a rocket in a cup, as the 2D world extends to other elements of the desktop.

Plucky Squire goes beyond dimensions... it's the indie game to watch in 2024, and we'll show you why!

The Zelda comparison doesn't stop at solving puzzles. In fact, the player will often encounter enemies that he will have to defeat if he wants to advance in his adventure. For this purpose, a sword is available and it is also possible to use it as a boomerang! The Plucky Squire still has many surprises: action stages, platforming, boxing fights, shooting, card fighting… All Possible Futures seems to be well inspired by the classics of the genre to deliver a unique experience. Le Vaillant Petit Page is one of the indie gaming gems to discover this year!

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