Project Hazel, Razer unveils a high-tech reusable mask with integrated sterilizer

Hazel is without a doubt one product we didn’t expect Razer on. Among the brand announcements for peripherals and equipment for PlayersHe undoubtedly made us want the most. Sorry for the Blade 15 and Pro 17 laptops … Hazel is a mask, available in two colors, with a very elaborate design, but it’s not revolutionary, let’s be honest.
It’s just a compendium of very good ideas, which has every opportunity to work if the brand decides to mass-produce it and if it’s affordable.

Tomorrow’s Protective Mask?

Good first idea, the front of the mask is transparent. LED can better illuminate the lower part of your face. Yes, since when have you not seen anyone smiling or smiling in the street? Or when was the last time you read my interlocutor? So this honey can simplify the lives of people who have hearing problems and read a lot on the lips.

Good Idea 2: The mask has a nose and face protection that is applied to the entire lower part of the face to keep it in place and prevent tricky bacteria from sneaking in without your knowledge. Of course, to ensure the nut is properly maintained on the face, the retaining rings that are placed behind the ears are adjustable and can be removed easily for cleaning or changing.

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Another health feature of this mask is the N95 surgical aerosols. There are two types, equipped with an automatic ventilator, that operate with rechargeable batteries, and they include standard filters that can of course be easily changed as soon as necessary.

Razer also ensures that its mask is self-sterile and can also be disinfected by simply placing it in its storage case. The interior of the box is set with three UV lights that are activated once closed. The box is also used to recharge the batteries built into the mask.

We mentioned it above, in its eyebrow, a small LED light is hidden to light up your sweetest smile. But there is also, above all, a subwoofer hidden in the chassis. No more shouting to be fully heard and understandable when speaking through a mask. It will be possible to adjust the transmission level via a smartphone app to adapt the level to your environment. Intelligent.

Also, through the app, you can set small circuits of the LEDs on the ventilators that can testify to the level of charge but also indicate your daily mood to those you meet on the street.

After the paper masks, the form is reusable

Currently, Project Hazel is not a finished product. But the show ended on soon… and brand spokespeople assured us that the prototypes are already in place. And that some engineers in Singapore already own it and are testing it.

As a reminder, during the outbreak of the pandemic, Razer made the production of disposable masks at some of its factories an honorary point.

Project Hazel’s presentation also provided the brand with an opportunity to dream as a reminder that it has donated more than a million masks around the world and that it has provided more than 100,000 masks to its community from Players In need, some were distributed even by Razer player customers to other people who could not afford it.

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