PS5 is exclusive to Amazon Prime subscribers

Amazon Prime users are about to receive a welcome gift: The PlayStation 5 Coming up Amazon Within special brackets for “Prime” subscribers. In short, another place for subscribers to own the PS5 without any queue for the next few hours. Unlike “drops” that occur in other markets, such as Media World or GameStop, in fact, everything on Amazon is instant: Entrance, You order, it’s yours. However, for two days Exclusive to Prime subscribers only (But there is a catch).

PS5su Amazon

Right now Official page Indicates that the console is not yet available, but this is only for hours. In fact, what the description says is:

Amazon Prime customers will have priority access to the PlayStation 5 until July 16, 2021

If you are a prime subscriber, all you have to do is arrive on time: we will report any news directly on this page. If you are not a subscriber, You can do it now using the first free month. In the end you can unsubscribe at no cost so you can put your hand on all the offers of prime subscribers for PS5, but at no cost.

It is not clear how many will be available, so it is not clear whether more units will be available at the end of the exclusive offer for Prima subscribers. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Those who want to get their hands on the PS5 should go ahead and, in short, make sure they are subscribed and come to the page just in time.

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Update 14/7 at 16.00

The offer has not yet appeared. An hour later, the deadline of 16 is approaching, but no one is currently involved.

Update 14/7 at 20.30

Not only does the PS5 not appear all day, but Disappeared from the exclusive reference page for Prime subscribers. The rest is to wait and see what happens tomorrow, and understand what went wrong with this offer — not being offered today.

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