In Rachmaninov’s shoes

Artificial intelligence reproduces the Rachmaninoff piano in stunningly realistic 3D animation. If Sergey Rachmaninov reached future generations as an author, then he made a living during his life as an artist.

Realistic 3D animation from a Rachmaninoff recording

The program, which can reproduce the position of a pianist from a recording or a sound, here slips us into the skin of Sergey Rachmaninov as he plays Introduction Reference 3 No. 2. The tape on which the animation is based is a recording by the composer on a pneumatic piano roll, a technology that made it possible to capture playing Debussy, Scriabine or Ravel before more advanced recording techniques existed. For his part, Rachmaninov was fortunate to score with the techniques of the day, and was more true to the initial interpretation of the pianist. He specially engraved an integral part of it Piano concerts With the Philadelphia Orchestra led by Stokowski, or the works of Chopin or Scribin. The video, illusory realism, nicely reproduces the movements of a pianist to simulate his angle of view while anticipating the outcome.

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For Rahmaninov, the program generates a record pianist with the idiosyncrasy of having huge hands

Even if the result is visually perfect, in Rachmaninoff’s case, interest remains limited. If seeing and hearing Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin or Rachmaninoff, all of whom are known for their prowess at playing the piano, is a dream shared by many music lovers, then such a system, however impressive, would not allow them to recreate their positions and attitudes. the piano. In the case of Rachmaninov, AI generates a standard pianist with the idiosyncrasy of the massive hands of Russians.

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So the program is not currently intended to recreate the style of the pianist, as we can see in the previous video where Dmitry Shishkin was placed alongside his 3D animation which does not reproduce the game. Cited Reference 10 No. 4, Body is very close to the keyboard and hands are flat. The AI ​​recreates the exact rhythm, fingers, and musical intent in just a few seconds of a score or sound, which is truly amazing. We can imagine Rachmaninoff’s video serving as an advertisement and as a sales product for Massive Technologies Inc. , Which already offers an augmented reality app for educational purposes in addition to virtual concerts. Hence, this AI would have an educational tool, but we can also imagine applying such technology to motion cinema due to the realism of the videos.

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