Quantum entanglement continues between top quarks, the heaviest known fundamental particles

Albert Einstein described quantum entanglement as… “Remote work sends shivers down your spine.”. This has already been observed for stable molecules. Photons and electrons. This has now been proven for much heavier particles, the top quarks. With what consequences?

Quantum entanglement. That's the name that PhysicistsPhysicists It leads to the emergence of this strange phenomenon that invisibly connects two particles emitted at the same time, regardless of the distance separating them. Thus, if the state of one is modified, the state of the other is also modified at the same time. This phenomenon has already been observed on stable particles such as photons or electrons. It is at the heart of evolution EncryptionEncryption And quantum computing.

The highest quarks are related to quantum physics

but Researchers from the University of Rochester (USA) today reported the first observation during an experiment at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) of quantum entanglement between unstable top quarks and their quarks. AntiparticlesAntiparticles. “They know each other's 'state of mind' at every moment.”comments Regina Demina, Professor physicalphysicalin Press release from the University of Rochester.

These particles are very heavy – each one is as heavy as… corncorn Of gold – you are unlikely to find it anywhere Quantum computerQuantum computer. The production of top quarks requires very high levels EnergiesEnergies Such as those accessible through the Large Hadron Collider (LHCLHC).

What are the consequences of the discovery of this new quantum entanglement?

However, the discovery should help achieve this a lighta light on DurationDuration During which the tangle continues and what eventually breaks it. It should also help to understand whether it transitions into particle decay products. And for those who remember that physicists thought our universe was in an entangled state after its initial phase of rapid expansion, the discovery by researchers at the University of Rochester could also highlight the loss of quantum connectivity in our universe.

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