Three mobile plan promotions with 140GB of data at just €8.99 per month

140GB package signed by Lebara

Established in 2001 in London, Lebara It is a virtual operator that currently operates on the Orange mobile network, but changes are underway: during the summer, all Lebara customers will switch to SFR network. The mobile phone brand specializes in inexpensive, no-obligation plans.

Among these, 140 GB package at 8.99 euros per month, Exclusive offer for new operator customers. This therefore includes a fantastic data cap of 140GB in 4G and 5GB roaming from the EU and Overseas Territories as well as unlimited calls and texts in mainland France.

there Free SIM card !

140GB package provided by NRJ Mobile

By choosing NRJ Mobile's no-obligation plan, you will benefit from Bouygues Telecom network qualityAnd in 5G! This is one of the strengths of this mobile phone offer, but there are others: in addition to the beautiful packaging of 140 GB in 5G For consumption in France, you will also have 17GB of mobile data during your trips in the Departments Overseas (DOM) and in Europe Union.

Calls, SMS and MMS are available to and from these same areas.

The icing on the cake: the SIM card costs only 1 euro.

“The Connected” 140GB Coriolis package

140 GB offer Corioliswhich is called “The Connected”, is similar to that of NRJ Mobile for Internet as well as telephony, with two exceptions: you will surf on the SFR mobile network and benefit from 10GB (instead of 17GB) from EU and overseas territories.

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And so it is Very competitive ! However, note that if you choose this no-obligation mobile plan, you will be charged €10 for the SIM card.

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