Rainbow Six Quarantine Leak: 5-minute gameplay for the extraction mission | Xbox One

A few days after the first Big leak More than an hour of gameplay The sixth rainbow stoneIn, a new video appears on the Internet allowing to discover more about the game that has not yet been officially presented.

Rainbow Six Quarantine Extraction Mission

Ubisoft’s title remains completely vague because the publisher hasn’t revealed much about it except for the Trailer ads, But an excerpt from the Today’s Extract mission has been leaked on Youtube and lets us know more. We first discover the equipment setup with a choice of tools, types of grenades, and weapons before getting started. Immersed in a closed building full of human creatures and contaminated dog species, the player must rescue the operators on the ground by transporting them to a point to extract them from the area. Once the last three non-playable characters are saved, the mission ends and the player collects the rewards.

Although Rainbow Six Quarantine remains without a release date, we can legitimately doubt that the game will be revealed soon due to recent leaks. However, if you are impatient to plunge into this new FPS game then you can take the first step into licensing thanks Rainbow Six: Siege It is available in Xbox Game Pass Control unit.

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