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Langeooger Inselapotheke has a test center in the ev.-luth boat on Easter Day. The Church Community has been set up where daily coronavirus testing is possible starting Wednesday, April 7. Tests, like the DRK, are free for guests and islanders. The pharmacy staff completed the appropriate training for the rapid coronavirus tests in advance.

The church council immediately agreed and gladly accepted the request, according to the island’s pastor Christian Newman. Parish hall is rarely used anyway due to the pandemic and: “The test is very important now!” Pharmacist Catherine Dor said that the parish hall provides the best conditions and is barrier-free and the room has an entrance and exit so people don’t meet often.

The canoe is conveniently located on the main road and is mostly known to the guests. Because the goal is to test guests here, too. The test will gain importance and will also play a key role in unlocking strategies. Because if guests are allowed to go on vacation to Langeoog again, they can also be tested regularly at the test center and before they leave.

You must register online for the test. On The pharmacy home page There will be a link to register. The test result is sent directly to the mobile phone about 15 minutes after the test, so that there is no waiting area necessary. If you do not have a mobile phone, you will of course be able to collect the test result.

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