Survival game that can be played in virtual reality thanks to a new mod

A true hit on Steam, Valheim will likely increase its player base by now welcoming VR headset owners thanks to a new VR mod.

In early access to Steam since February 2, 2021, Valhaim Counts already Over 6 million sales as of March 20. From this success was born a large community including designers who quickly contributed to the project by improving the experience in many aspects.

Among the modifications of this account Valhaim Today, Brandon Musso is what makes the game To play in virtual reality. Currently in beta, the broker recently promoted it Reddit With the first video clip:

Valheim Native VR Mod Beta !! from P / eye

Valheim VR will support VR consoles in the next update

At this point, the mode is no longer fully compatible with VR consoles. However, Brandon confirms his interest in adding soon Movement controls for weapons. In the meantime, the game remains of course playable in 6 DoF with a PC gamepad as well as a set of keyboard mice.

Also note that the mode does not prevent you from playing online With other players other than virtual reality. Find the mod install guide on the dedicated page by clicking on this link.

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