The moon is dressed in red, a total eclipse on the night between May 15 and 16 – 2 to follow directly – astronomy and astronomy

There நிலா Getting ready to wear the red dress: there will be a total eclipse on the night between May 15 and 16, the so-called ‘நிலா Red ‘. This phenomenon is also known from Italy, but only to the first part: the peak, in fact, will unfortunately be at dawn. நிலா It sets in, so it goes unnoticed.

In the meantime, the Italian Astrophysics Union (Uai) is organizing an event in conjunction with the National Astronomical Society (ENAF) on Sunday, May 15 at 9.00 pm, which we will be broadcasting live.

Pre-eclipse live broadcast hosted by Uai and Inaf on May 15 at 21.00

If you leave a little sleep, it is still possible to see the eclipse. The event is actually broadcast live by the virtual telescope program with pictures of Rome and the United States starting at 03.32 Italian time. நிலா As it passes in front of the sun it begins to enter the cone of the penumbra formed by the earth.

Live of the eclipse organized by the Virtual Telescope starting on May 16 at 3.32pm

Overall, but at the advanced part stage, the நிலா It acquires the characteristic color that gives the event its name: this is because at that time the Earth’s atmosphere pushes the red part of the electromagnetic spectrum towards the satellite. The same red halo is visible when viewed from the eclipse நிலா Instead of Earth: If so, it will be an eclipse of the Sun, which will be covered by the path of our planet.

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When நிலா The shadow will be complete within the cone, with the total phase starting at 05.29 Italian time, reaching a maximum of 06.11. However, on May 16th, our satellite will be set at 05.51, 20 minutes after completion and 20 minutes before highlight, so less than half of the entire event can be tracked.

The entire eclipse can be seen with the naked eye, even with or without the aid of a telescope. In this case, our satellite will be near the minimum distance (Perigee) from Earth, popularly referred to as “Supermoon”: the star will appear slightly larger than average, even if it is hard to sense. . 2022 November 8 will give us a second eclipse, but the latter will be completely invisible from Italy.

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