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Of shelves Bill Spencer It has become a kind of monument now that everyone is crazy looking for clues and possible links to gossip starting from the numerous items that often appear behind the Xbox boss during livestream videos from the office, but in this case there is finally an accurate explanation on top of it Mysterious Balance Nintendo Switch, The ambassador who frequently appeared in various objects of suspicion.

Following the revelation made by Bill Spencer, just before the official announcement, the semi-hidden Xbox Series S began the hunt for potential clues in a shelf in his office during the following live shows, and Xbox enjoyed the same responsibility by filling out this question on their own Shelves Fans looking for links with various objects and rumors will go crazy.

Nintendo Switch in the closet behind Bill Spencer

The compulsion of the Nintendo Switch in these is largely explained by the good relationship that distinguishes Microsoft and Nintendo, but there are bold theories such as the possibility or possibility of seeing the Xbox Game Pass on the switch. Acquisition Nintendo’s, mostly jokingly said.

The description is very simple and was provided by Spencer during the latest episode of Podcast Kinda Funny: that console is actually a Currently Nintendo President of the United States did it for Bill Spencer, so he exposes it as a token of gratitude.

“That Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s gift. Duck Bowser The team is very close to us, we are both in Redmond, Washington, and this console is a gift from them. I have another one that I use when I play at home, but this is what they gave me when they started the console. Where does it come from. “

So the presence of the Nintendo Switch in Bill Spencer’s closet has no particularly secret meanings, which is a special gift from Nintendo, which the Xbox boss reveals brilliantly Thanks.

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