Sega reported losses of $41 million due to cancellations and restructurings

In the latest financial report, SEGA reported a loss of $41 million Due to a decline in operating income, which fell 86.7% in fiscal 2023 due to cancellations and reorganizations at the company's European offices.

Fortunately It is not a true performance indicator The Japanese publisher's titles like Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Like a Dragon: The Man Who Arrested His Name, Sonic Superstars, and Phantasy Star Online 2 achieved great results.

As mentioned, losses were recorded Internal restructuring of SEGA EuropeThe sale of Relic Entertainment cut nearly 240 jobs across its European studios last fiscal year, as well as the cancellation of projects.

Many games are coming

As revealed a few weeks ago, initially SEGA didn't believe the Yakuza series would ever be born. Fortunately, things turned out differently, and Toshihiro Nagoshi wanted the intellectual property It has grown over timeGaining considerable popularity outside Japanese borders as well.

Beyond One Dragon, SEGA has several projects in the pipeline, so it aims to recover the losses recorded in 2023. Many new gamesIt has yet to be detailed, including the rumored super-game.

And then there's obviously the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, which gives the Japanese company plenty of satisfaction between more classic titles and new three-dimensional adventures in the collective imagination.

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