Reverse engineering on some fans of Tag-to-GTA3 and Vice City –

Pick two He decided Report Authors of an amateur reverse engineering program GTA 3 e GTA: Suburban. The case involves fourteen programmers, practically all of whom worked on it. In the meantime, the project has received a DMCA that should be scrapped.

The It causes The program claims to have known that they were not entitled to copy, modify, or distribute code derived from the GTA or the audiovisual components of both games. Doing so is a clear violation of copyright.

It is important to point out that this program is not actually used Source code GTA 3 or Vice City, but rebuilt using newer programming languages. It does not have any Rockstar Games assets, so anyone wishing to use the reverse-engineering code must have original copies of GTA 3 or Vice City to create a port. Therefore, the reason is not related to the illegal distribution of the code, but to the code derived from the GTA.

According to the lawsuit, a program called Re3 or ReVC was created on GitHub. “Irreparable damage to tag-two“, For the aforementioned copyright infringement, and now anyone can create their own version of GTA 3 or sub city using the distributed code.

In the text of the lawsuit, it was stated that they had tried to remove the take-two program from GitHub, but the three programmers issued counter-warnings confirming that they had not committed any legitimate and copyright infringement.

Veronica Tucker

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